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About Wonderful

About Wunderlampe

Wunderlampe (WONDERFUL )has professional packaging machinery design group in Taiwan.We have Fully Automatic L-Sealer, Fully Automatic Sleeve Type Sealer, Fully Automatic Carton Bag Sealer, Automatic Box Erector, Shrink Tunnel, Automatic Palletizer, and Fully Automatic Mushroom & Sliver Vegetable Packaging Sealer. We can design all factory automatic packaging equipment and manufacture progress for auto. Besides, we also provide environmental protect PE, POF flexible film.

The following is Wunderlampe machine’s advantage:

Easy operate:
Special design makes operate easily. For example: sealing knife is easy to change. When changing blade, it doesn’t need to change cutting set. Our patent sealing ...more

Hot Products

Shrink Wrap Machine CARTON INSERTING MACHINE (DIRECT INSERT) Shrink Tunnel Automatic Packaging Machine Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine Automatic Carton Erectors (Vertical Type) WCE-45H  Automatic Carton Erectors (Horizontal Type) Packaging Machinery WCH-605S  Semi-Auto Flap Folding Carton Sealer WSH-67  Carton Edge Sealer