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Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Product ID: SV-46

Vacuum laminating machine film with cardboard or bubble bags close to the items adhesion it fixed packaging. The machine can also do dense packaging with transparent soft plastic material, work closely with a paper card vacuum paste together the packaging. This Package cost; waterproof, dustproof, and enhance the value of the product.

  • The applicable substrate for bubble cloth, cardboard.
  • Fast packaging, transparent visual enjoyment.
  • High stability, ease of operation.
  • This packaging can save the cost of overhead, waterproof, shockproof, and indirectly to enhance the value of the product, both beautiful and practical.


♣ Packaging Machinery Applicatio

Application : food plates, various packaging blister as well as hardware and
stationery skin packaging. Any stationary,hardware,auto parts,PCB(Printed
Circuit Board) etc., can be used.

MODEL SV-46  Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine
 Machine Dimension  L1500xW1780xH1362 mm
Packaging Arre L400xW600xH200 mm
 Vacuum Pump 1HP
 Packaging Capacity  1~5 pcs/min
Power Sourec 3Φ-220VAC (Depend on customer's need)

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