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Automatic Carton Erectors (Vertical Type)

Automatic Carton Erectors (Vertical Type)

Automatic Carton Erectors

Product ID: WCE-45

The WCE-45 is a Vertical type Automatic Carton Erector. These system will increase your operation's productivity since they automatically erects cases of many different shapes and sizes and seals their bottoms with tape or hot glue on demand and a carton sealer is required to complete the auto packaging line process.


  • Installed with touch-screen panel.
  • PLC controlled- easy to alter the program.
  • Easy to adjust for different size of carton.
  • Humanizing designed, easy to operate.
  • Fit for automatic packaging system, opening, forming, folding and sealing action
  • Installed with safety signal device and the deficiency alarm for carton storage.

♣ Application

Automatically complete the unpacking, forming, under the bottom folding twists and turns, at the same time complete the bottom tape paste, saving time and labor. The automatic box opening machine is convenient and simple to operate, manage, reduce production personnel and labor intensity, and is an indispensable equipment for automatic scale production. Widely used in food, medicine, dairy products, beverages, medical care, Logistics, electronics, and other fields.

MODEL WCE-45  Automatic Carton Erectors  (Vertical Type)
Machine Size  L2420xW2300xH1900mm
Carton Size L300~600mm / W200~500mm / H 200~600mm
Packaging  1-12 CTN/min (depends on carton's size and material)
Air pressure 4-6kg/cm2
Power Source 3 Ø 220V(Depend on customer's need)

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