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Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machinery

Product ID: WA-46A

WA-46A is a fully-automatic, L-shaped packaging machinery. Users may easily change the size of each packaging work, and by being linked to front equipment, it becomes fully-automatic.

WA-46A packaging machinery equips an easy-to-operate interface, and it is applicable to LCD, car component, bottle water, bottle beverage, perfume, cosmetics, nutritional food and etc. We can also design on customer’s need on special specification.

  • Packaging Machinery designed for shrink wrapping for various types of product. Applicable film materials include OPP, PE, POF, etc.
  • Connect to front equipment to be automatic produce.
  • Easy to operate and change product size, lower the working hour.
  • Design on customer’s need. Specialized in all purpose packaging machinery.

♣ Packaging Machinery Application

WA-46A is suitable for food, beverage, tableware, stationery, cleaning tool,
hardware, LCD etc. Different shape product also can be packaged by this L-sealer.

Dimension of Seal 450x600mm
 Packaging Capacity  1~30pcs
Packaging Size L(100-460)xW(40-320)xH(5-100)mm
Machine Size L1900xW860Hx1500mm
Power Source 1Ø220VAC (Depend on customer's need) 
Heating 1.5 KW

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