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About Us

About Wunderlampe

Wunderlampe (WONDERFUL )has professional packaging machinery design group in Taiwan.We have Fully Automatic L-Sealer, Fully Automatic Sleeve Type Sealer, Fully Automatic Carton Bag Sealer, Automatic Box Erector, Shrink Tunnel, Automatic Palletizer, and Fully Automatic Mushroom & Sliver Vegetable Packaging Sealer. We can design all factory automatic packaging equipment and manufacture progress for auto. Besides, we also provide environmental protect PE, POF flexible film.

The following is Wunderlampe machine’s advantage:

Easy operate:
Special design makes operate easily. For example: sealing knife is easy to change. When changing blade, it doesn’t need to change cutting set. Our patent sealing cutting set, the price is lower and take shorter time to change. Welcome to ask further question.

High efficiency:
During packaging, if the failure rate is high, it will increase human resource cost and work hour. Our packaging equipment failure is low, and only need one person to operate machine. Operator put the product on conveyor and the machine can easily package. Save your whole of cost.

High quality:
Our packaging machinery undergoes the strict quality control, at present already applied for the Ministry of Finance Intellectual property Bureau's mechanical patent.
We also pass the CE standard.

Widely use:
Wonderrul packaging machine is suitable for various material, size, shape and way.

The reason why customer trusts us is we have best packaging equipment. We believe that our professional packaging system design can save customer cost and provide high efficiency for customer.

Customer service:
We have the coordination manufacturer in Japan, Australia, Southeast, china, Middle East, etc. In Taiwan, we also have coordination manufacturer and service place in the northern and central section of Taiwan.

Worldwide sell:
We promote our machine over the world, such as Japan, Korean, Australia, UK, Southeast, Middle East, and America, etc. Besides, we cooperate with many overseas companies under mutually beneficial principle to create win-win situation.

Environmental protection:
Our design helps customer save the cost of human resource, transportation, electric power, and decrease the cost of factory area. Also lower the consumption of consumable.

We are as a relation company of Long Durable Machine CO., LTD. Our team has about twenty years packaging machine practical experiences. Therefore, no matter on plan, , designs or manufactures packaging machine, we are professional. At present, we have applied and got a lot of intellectual property rights. "Pursuing excellent quality" is our goal; manufacturing profession, excellent, beautiful and humanizational operation packaging equipment is our goal.
In order to serve our customer, we will continuously develop and create new packaging machine. We also pursue high quality packaging skills and provide safe, efficiency, competitiveness packaging machine.

Contact Detail
Address:No. 7, Ln. 205, Sec. 1, Changxing Rd., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City 338020, Taiwan (R.O.C.)