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Shrink Wrap Machine

Shrink Wrap Machine

Shrink Wrap Machine

Product ID: WB-600A+TO-21

The WB-600A Shrink Wrap Machine is a 4-in-1 equipment that combines conveying, propelling, sealing and heat-shrinking in one equipment. Therefore, it allows mass production with extreme efficiency. This product is suitable for bottles, jars, cardboard boxes and anything with a hard surface.

This is a fully-automatic shrink wrap machine that requires less manpower than other semi-automatic ones do. It’s not only cost-effective but energy-saving, which would benefit your business dramatically. To learn more about the CE certified product, please contact today!!

  • This shrink wrap machine is an Automatic Packing Machine in processes, automatic
    conveyance, advance, seal and heat shrinkage.
  • This machine provides film packaging, including single product packaging or outer
    box film packaging.
  • Design for Big, complicated shape, group packaging and box packaging.
  • Can be designed according to the product shape, quality and also design the deliver
    way for line or 90 degrees push.
  • This unit is suitable for independent use or can be designed for fully automatic
    production flows.
  • The packaging size can reach over 28m.

♣ Application

WB-600A is suitable for glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum bottles,
tin can, carton, hard products, etc group packaging.

Dimension of Seal 600mm
Machine Size L2350xW2000xH1800mm
Packaging Capacity 1~20pcs/min
Packaging Size(LxWxH) 200~700x60~700x50~350mm
Power Source 3Ø220VAC(Depend on customer's need)
Heating 1.5KW

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