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Automatic Packaging Machine

Automatic Packaging Machine

Automatic Packaging Machine

Product ID: WH-200

Save the cost for delivering rectangle product, long round sticks, Water purifier filter, Container, Plastic cups, Vegetable Packaging and stanless steel pipe. Excellent packing prevents rust, moisture and dust, and maintains the attractiveness of the products. Easy operation interface and button and also easy to change packaging product size

  • Sealing thermostatic control, Fast seal.
  • Patented continuous seal.
  • Button simple easy to use, Maintenance easy.
  • No residual material and cost savings.
  • Provide rust, moisture, dust and maintain beautiful appearance.

♣ Applications
Stainless steel pipes, rectangular products, long round sticks,Water purifier filter, Container, Plastic cups, Vegetable Packaging, etc.

Applicable film materials include PP,CPP,OPP,LDPE,HDPE,POF etc.

MODEL WH-200 Long packaging machine   
Packaging size Ø 60 ~ Ø 100mm / L250 ~ 600 mm
Machine size L2200xW700xH1500 mm
 Packaging capacity  1 ~ 30 (pack/min)
Power source 1Ø220VAC (Depend on customer's need)
Heating 1.5KW

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