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I want to know about automatic packing machine (vertical type)

Our product shape little ball, sized about 16mm~30mm. They are packed like the gummy packages on the market, single package, and three packaged. The packaging is not triangle-shaped. Do you have this kind automatic packaging machine?
If you do, pls provide the information. By the way, due to the huge amount of package, we don’t want to count them manually.
(1) LCD product quantity display
(2) Buzzers, which signal to change package
(3) Total product quantity display
(4) A competitive and reasonable price

Continue the last question, the packing speed is fast, so can the machine move box automatically after packing? If you can provide the quotation, pls describle the machine type, such as bag/min

Wunderlampe is a fully automatic vertical packaging machine. Either on hardware or software, we provide our clients with client-oriented designs. We have established a client-oriented interactive interface including the packing amount counting, alarm information, and shut down counting that you previously mentioned. We have also put ergonomics into our machinery operations, allowing operators to proceed with their packaging works. Besides, the main reason our customers trusts us is because of our packaging machines help save a great deal of manpower, materials, electricity, and transportation costs. Above all, our price is rather competitive. Please feel free to contact us for further information.